Are You A BlackBerry Addict?

I am seriously starting to worry. I am in danger of losing All my friends. They barely speak to me or msg me anymore. They have stopped filling me in on what's going on in their lives. I've even forgotten what most of them look like, as they don't send me any photos via MMS.

All this because I don't own a BlackBerry.

I have been ostracized from this pervasive group of smartphone users, which I have nicknamed, The BlackBerry Brigade. I realise now why this phone was so aptly named CrackBerry, in reference to the highly addictive nature it has amongst users, much like a drug-user's dependency on crack cocaine. People have this communication device permanently attached to them wherever they go. They live, breathe, walk and talk Blackberry.

I bet you know exactly what and who I'm talking about. You've seen them, you may even know them personally. Perhaps, you too are one of them. The BlackBerry Addicts. If you're not too sure whether you're an addict or not, here are a few tell tale signs to help you find out.

Signs That You're A BlackBerry Addict

  • You don't go to places that have signs saying "All Cellphones Must be Turned Off". You simply won't compromise your BlackBerry usage.

  • You have convinced the majority of your friends and family to get this phone so you can freely communicate with them via BBM. You have lost contact with all those who didn't listen to your ten page speech on the benefits of BlackBerry. (Like me)

  • You've learnt how to drive with your knees. Actually, you have forgotten how to drive without texting.

  • You've only joined Facebook so you could become a proud member of the BlackBerry South Africa group.

  • You have been dragged off a flight (more than once) because you adamantly insisted in sending just one last message while taking off. If you do make it on the flight, once you land, the first thing you do is switch your BB back on and check for updates - before you inform your family you've safely arrived.

  • No one knows your phone number. They only know your PIN.

  • You send instant messages and emails while getting dressed in the morning. Then when you get to work, you realise that you have two mismatched shoes on.

  • You can't remember the last time you actually spoke to someone while looking at them, as your head is permanently down, glued to the screen.

  • You send BBM's to the people you live with to exchange important information like: 'Dinner's ready' or 'Going to buy milk' or 'Have you seen my charger'. It's much easier than walking ten steps to the next room and having to actually speak to them.

  • Your knees weaken and heart rate increases at the sight of the latest BB model.

  • You take your BlackBerry absolutely everywhere you go. Even to the bathroom. You stress that you will miss out on the BB action while you're in the shower. Because of this, you even consider buying a waterproof case for your phone.

  • When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you grab is your BlackBerry. Or maybe it's still in your hand from the night before.

  • Not only do you type in abbreviated form, you have begun to talk that way too...LOL, OMG, BRB, etc.

  • You have BlackBerry ADD when you change your status and profile pic more than 30 times a day.

  • When someone says something bad about your BlackBerry, it actually hurts your feelings.

  • If you haven't received a BBM, email or update for 10 minutes, you start to panic that the network may be down. So you send yourself an email to make sure your connection is in working order. Oh c'mon, you know you do.

  • You're reading this blog post on your....?


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