365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months...is it one year already?

I am not the ceremonial type, but I think 'mentioning' that today is my first blog birthday doesn't steep too deep into the pool of vanity. My dream of being a fashion designer never materialized, so I figured that those who can't sew, blog. Frills & Thrills sums up the two things I am most passionate about - fashion and writing. Upon seeing my blog for the first time, people who know me personally say "It's so you!" Initially, I had no idea how to regard this overused phrase, but over the year, I've formed a clearer idea of what it means. 

Frills & Thrills is personal extension of who I am. A lover of pink (in refined moderation), an admirer of fashion (from runway to red carpet), the girliest of girls, a devisor of words, and a teller of tales. All this served up with a spark of enthusiasm, a spoonful of sarcasm and a sprinkling of fairy dust from the closets of Vogue. I may only have the smallest bit of space on the World Wide Web, but it is a space that's I am delighted to call my own.

So thank you to my friends and family for your unconditional support and encouragement. I am always elated at receiving your calls, emails or smses about something you've seen and liked here on Frills & Thrills. And most importantly, thanks to you, reading this right now. Even if you've stopped by just once, whether you're in transit to some place else, or if you're a regular reader...I am so thrilled to have you visit this frilly space I call home. I don't like the word 'Follower', because in order to be 'followed', one would have to be a leader. And that I am not. Instead, I consider you to be a good friend with whom I can share my thoughts, views and perceptions on all things style-bound and fashion-able.

Here's to the very first Frills & Thrills birthday! I will now proceed to cut the virtual pink vanilla cake and share a piece with all of you. The best thing about it? No added calories ;)

*Images found via Tumblr & Google Images. Collage created by me.


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