2014 decorative glasses models. unli and goggles.
Decorated with a vengeance, vengeance ambitious designs you sıyırabilecek devrindeyiz crowds at a time. Minimalism rather, "less is more / less numerous" are mentioned in the fashion industry for years by indestructible strongholds, in recent years, Anna Dello Russo, inspired by the phenomenon of the masses to accept the need expanding. Last year, we have launched as an object of desire with this trend of this season's most ambitious decorative glasses glasses oduğu herald the most baroque embroidery, crystals and pearls used. You can find and you can see below some examples of this type of eyewear brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Karen Walker, A-Morir, Anna-Karin Karlsson and Opening Ceremony.

"No, it did not stop me, let me see all the models of glasses" Member of the COT here


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