This season featured boot models to talk a little if necessary ; lace and metal accessories rubber-soled boots, knee up onto the leather boots , fill heel boots and grace from the winter even in compromising the women's stiletto heel boots this year quite fashionable . Suede and leather boots this season as the tissue models will be considering again . Hairy boot models are models of attention again this season . Especially the ladies who like to wear a mini skirt mini skirts this season , dating back to the top of the knee with a flat leather boots can easily combine those . Due to winter weather conditions , particularly on behalf of women who want to be comfortable filling heeled boots or flat feet is an indispensable option .

Boots in color , this season ; suede in dark brown , milky brown, black and shades of gray available options such as leather boots again in the manifested coffee, milk coffee, black and gray as the color options as well as red, white , pink, orange from each other as different shades of color There is .
Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

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Which is one of his most important accessories of women 's shoes boots to take place in autumn and winter begins. Both our feet winters cold weather protection we both look stylish for our designers 2013-2014 Fall-Winter collections on behalf of the distinct and stylish boots has designed and designs of different brands under the name sales began to offer .
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