2014/2015 Autumn-Winter Shoe Trends,2014/2015 winter trends in women's shoes are made up of colors and models are still familiar . In the winter season on the way back to the platform , pointed toe shoes and boots continues to rise . In the winter season shoe soles able to see the changes . Especially thick , serrated rubber soles and resistant to harsh conditions of winter shoes and boots are pointing to .
If one of the highlights of the season models flat shoes . Oxford, loafers and ballerina shoes, such as models of the season will be noticeable . Chelsea boots flat boots in the same way that stress a particular season we are waiting for . Another salient patterns, the index rises above the leather boots . As a material, leather, suede , fur stands out . Plenty of outdoor shoes worn in the winter season underlined the fact that I am. In particular, open toe shoes or even sandals with socks to be worn . Very thick and very thin in shoes heels possible to see both . Sports shoes in the winter of 2014 began in 2015 will continue to soar .
Now if you wish, let's look at all the models featured in the show


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