gucci milan fashion week , fashion gucci 2015 , gucci ladies elbisemodel of summer 2014 .Gucci creative director Frida Giannini , the new models in the collection of clothes as well as the use of black with a soft but vibrant colors attracts the attention of fashion lovers .

 Floral-patterned dresses, lace dresses, frilly dresses, knee -length dress with models that send almost 1960 collection , Gucci began to take place in stores .Special for the night a few models where several private collections in particular invitation is a recipe for a completely different style . The collection's color palette, we have seen plenty in the winter season , black dresses and black evening dresses are replaced beige, gray and shades of blue to dress and evening dress , leaving a gentle introduction to summer promises . In addition, in the collection of dress , pink dress, lilac dress, yellow dress, pink , orange and white formal wear black evening dress formal wear and must be seen. Side dress adorned with beads and gold-plated details and formal wear , ranked calls and golden ball buttons, belts Gucci's iconic horsebit detail dazzles in .Gucci cocktail dress models in 2015Evening taking place between brands that were encountered many times Gucci cocktail dress 2015 design models with the most popular designs in this area, bringing together women in this field allows you to make the best choices . Last time we face striking design Taking as types and models in this area takes place more to remind us that the best kind of brand that recently we made ​​from the appreciation of and interest in haute couture offers. Taking us with the kinds of the new season , the most beautiful models in this area and our appreciation by offering the kinds of models we introduce gucci evening dresses are quite stylish and modern with a collection of brand welcomes us .
Gucci cocktail dress models in 2014 ,Gucci gucci black bodysuits and pants model model cocktail dress 2015,Gucci cocktail dress models in 2014,gucci black jacket and leather pants model model 150x150 Gucci cocktail dress 2015Gucci cocktail dress models in 2014gucci black jacket and skirt model models 150x150 Gucci cocktail dress 2015Gucci cocktail dress models in 2015Gucci fashion show , which was held this year, were introduced in the 2014 model dress . Introduced in autumn dress creations caught the attention of a lot of women


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