Paint & Peel Nail Polish

by Sula Beauty

Do you remember using Tinkerbell nail polish when you were little? It came in a candy pink colour and once you put it on, you could easily peel it off. Sula Beauty, a Toronto based brand, have reinvented that idea for adults. If you're indecisive in choosing a nail colour or like to change your nail polish as often as you change your clothes, this product is for you.

Sula Paint & Peel is a non-toxic, water based polish that works in two ways. You can apply the colour on it's own - it requires 2-3 coats and expect the colours to be slightly darker than shown in the bottle. Once dry, it will last you about a day's worth of colour before chipping. The point of it is not to be long lasting, but rather easily changeable for the trendy make-up user. If you would like it to last longer, you can paint over with a clear or metallic Lasting Love topcoat, which will 'set' the polish. The metallic base has tiny glittery particles that will provide a slight shine.

When you're bored with the colour or need a change, simply peel off. It's that easy. This nail product comes in juicy and wearable colours, so you can match a new colour to your clothes everyday. Choose from aqua Azure, Watermelon pink, Slate gray, Tango red and many more.

Sula Paint & Peel polishes are now available in South Africa at ImageXplosion branches in Johannesburg, P.E and Cape Town at the price of R120. Phone 011 492 1358 for more information.

From the brand founder Susanne Lang:

Break rules, Set Trends, And always play pretty.


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