Alexander McQueen

Spring/Summer 2011 Shoe Collection

The house of Alexander McQueen maintained the late designer's unconventional and artistic approach to fashion with their Spring/Summer 2011 shoe range. Wearing one of these enigmatic creations is like stepping into a magical, animated garden. If fairies wore haute couture, I'm sure they would have loved these theatrical designs. Fantasy aside, these designs are inventive and have been crafted with virtuosity.   

Top Row

Resin and leather wedge heels have been sculpted with a flaming leaf design. It is shown in gothic black, shiny gold and white. Butterflies adorned the sandals. You could wear a sack with these shoes and no one would notice.

Bottom Row

The leather leaf T-bar peep toe heel is available in ivory and a gorgeous bronze. 

In the middle is the wheat inspired sandal made from woven leather. I'm from a farm town and I never thought 'wheat' could be fashionable.

 The Baroque buckled boots with gold tips are magnificent. It has such intricate detailing, from the ornate gold buckles, to the studded platform and beautifully crafted leather leaf design.

This fanciful footwear range is available online, from about R9000. It's hard to believe that Sarah Burton, who created Kate Middleton's royal wedding gown is the mastermind behind these extravagant designs. She truly is a talented and flexible designer. All the shoes in this collection may not be functional, but they are something to revere.


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