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* Full name is Justin Drew Bieber.
* was born March 14, 1994.
* Her favorite color is purple. She loves to wear purple.
* Her favorite number is 6. (Hockey team)
* Canada, lives in Atlanta.
* a girl up to the age of 15, his family wouldn't let him.When he found out that his mother is a girlfriend, "you disappoint me, really!" he said. I think that now allow.
* 12-year-old joined real in a song contest in Ontario and was second.
* The One Time music video looks like Ryan Butler's best friend.
* Famous YouTube profile.
* Hockey, basketball and football.
* There's a few nicknamed, JB, Bieber, JBiebs, Cash, J-cutie, JustinBiebs. We are at One Time (which is already in. The conversation goes like this;
-No usher?
-JB, what's up man?
-I'm just playing video games with Ryan.)
* Must be a good girlfriend for him;
a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, great personality.Also, when he says he wants to be natural with his girlfriend. Salaklaşabileceği wants a girlfriend.
* Shoe size 7 and size 5 ' 3
* Favorite soda, Sprite.
* The first appointments to talk to her out of the beach or relaxed, he likes to take a recognisable each other better. He wants her to be happy, so he's happy.
* Usher, and is very close.
In Addition; Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, P, Kelsi Montagne-Diddy, Dakota Fanning, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, with celebrities such as friend.
* We all know that a child is really sweet. You get a little bit to prove information; If you have found true love, not a groupie out no problem. Don't have a girlfriend and is looking for someone who really could love.
* The former girlfriend of one of the girls; Christian Beadles
* Favorite tv show "So You Think You Can Dance" and is a favorite of Yu's "Smallville"

* A girl loves to give kisses chocolates gift Hershey.(Considering she doesn't like chocolate itself, though!)

* Justin Scott Braun on YouTube named and discovered by someone nicknamed "Scooter". Shows and Usher, Usher, videos to the Scooter, Justin's voice is like. So Justin, the album would have made the contract.

* The song "Down to Earth", he wrote on the differences of his father and mother.

* Hair is dark and her eyes Hazel!

* A brother was born in November 2009 and the name Jaxon ....

* Granny and Grandpa is very close. He spent most of his life with them.

* Wants to be With a super power there; to fly. There is already a superpower (not Fly, Justin. The girls get to sick;))

* Rihanna has asked for, but it is said that Rihanna does not accept. (The news is true, of course, does not agree. Rihanna 22, Justin, a 15-year-old!)

* Spaghetti and Pizza, favorite food.

* He loves to go to McDonald 's.

* Favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids (something like Gummi Bears)

* Justin lives separate from his father. His father, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

* Favorite romantic movie, A Walk to Remember

* Justin klostofobik afraid of a little places. Because it's up to the elevator at the age of 11 and 7 yaşındaykende cousin by toy box is locked.

* In London, Taylor Swift's tour Concert, their song "One Time" when he broke his foot in la. But on the stage as a professional, he continued to sing the song.

* Where celebrity, Beyonce!

* Justin thinks of the Roller Coaster is fun but he was sick himself.

* Only 3 out of the girl in your life! (I can't believe it, I can't believe it!)

* It's always "I love my fans," he says, because to come to the location of the Publisher says they are.

* The first appointments from the very embarrassed.On his shirt because he spilled spaghetti in white!

* Justin Bieber, a lefty.

* We think his idolüymüş all the time, with Usher for working temperatures must be flying.

* "How to Save a Life" is a song for Justin because for the first time, um, this song.

* Favorite love song, Ne-Yo So Sick is named.

* The natural beauty of the girls and more. Bright, gaudy, so many girls didn't care if preferred. (This indicates that the high quality, well done Justin!)

* First kiss as "I was moving too fast, the karşmdaki had no other girl," she says.

* When was your first kiss to a school dance, and this event, 13.

* 11 years self plays the guitar.
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