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 Care is a love story of a pair duet on stage

Gökhan Özen, Bostanci Show Center earlier in the day and met with fans. Left the scene of the famous singer who listened to three hours his wife and father Mehmet Selen Sevigen Sevigen'in as well as Demet Akalin-Arrow also had a pair of Kurt.

Appeared on the scene in AKALIN
Gökhan Özen fans with a repertoire of crowd pleasers, was invited to the stage Akalın bunch. Binary, 'begone' duet with the song. Care, Sezen Aksu's 'I'm blonde' when you say the song was accompanied by a belly dancer cat. Gökhan Özen, the scene in the finale of the concert invited along with his wife, Selene Kayahan Spears 'Ours A Love Story' sang the song. Attention his wife attached to the end of the song, "do not you ever shut up at home, one can say that again," he said.


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