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Ozge Ulusoy survivor of macears

Celebrity models still lived in the Survivor contest Ozge Ulusoy said assignment out . Ulusoy , " I can not stand the sight of coconut ," he said .
Ozge Ulusoy, told for the first time 70 days Survivor adventure ...

Ozge Ulusoy from the sought-after catwalk model , which joined last year lived in the Survivor contest marks the 70th day of island life still voiced assignment ...
Found in abundance on the island because of hunger, eating coconut and banana noted that the balance is broken . " Normal life I'm not one who eats coconut and banana . Starving for a month I had to eat every day ... made ​​me nauseous after a while . My metabolism has changed now that I use for skin care cream coconut that I can not , "he said ...
Island life is the biggest problem voicing unable washed with fresh water Ozge Ulusoy ... " 70 days I washed 3 times with fresh water . With sea water as much as we were trying to clean but it was not effective ... My hair smelled. I was very tired of the dirt , "he said .
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