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This writing, I want to write like I did last year, but during the ceremony Twitter saying he'll grow a little laziness :) but this year I've been more diligent blogger, and I wrote you more clothes. I'm beginning to talk of the red carpet parade immediately without further ado ...
Last year, I did not come to the opening and the first red carpet on behalf of Kristin Chenoweth releases this year resembled a miniature art deco gold Roberto Cavalli dress with an Oscar statuette.

Chenoweth since I first came to the red carpet and began breaking the tradition of it, but I want to continue with the night's princess. My favorite and most were wondering, starting with those in the first row, we'll lower the bar a bit. What do you mean you will already know what I want;) the princess of the night, winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the first film was Lupita Nyong'o. Awards during the season of use of bold colors and accurate selection of all of us in mind


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