Closet Confidential

featuring Emily Pettit-Coetzee & Liza West

Emily and Liza are the dynamic duo behind the stylish site, iheartyouroutfit. With years of experience in the fashion and magazine industry, I knew they would be a great pair to fashionize with. They share their style sentiments, closet essentials and love of vintage clothes and bags.

Describe your personal style

Emily: I've always had a touch of bohemian about my personal style. Although I often wish it was more pronounced. If I had my way, I'd be dressed in head-to-toe vintage everyday, but I feel there are only a few people who can pull this off well!

Liza: I like to think I have a classic style, but it's always evolving. I have a lot of vintage dresses, but I go through phases when I wear them a lot, then not at all. I'm happiest in skinnies, flats and a chic top.

What has been your best fashion buy?

Emily: Right now, I'd say my black boyfriend blazer, which I bought from Topshop. Throw it over anything and you're sorted!

Liza: I have a few, I can't choose just one. definitely my black Seven for All Mankind skinnies, my Trenery wedges and an emerald green vintage blazer I found for R50 (even though my brothers say it looks like I'm wearing a Springbok's blazer, I don't care).

Most extravagant fashion purchase?

Emily: I tend to hunt for bargains rather than spend enormous amounts, however when Liza and I first started our little business, we went to a vintage sale and decided to spoil ourselves with one fantastic purchase each. I got a gorgeous pair of chocolate and purple Marc Jacobs heels. They're an entirely unpractical combination of colours, but I love them dearly.

Liza: At this same sale, I bought myself a purple silk DKNY skirt (with pockets) - it is beautiful.

What is your one-stop fashion shop?

Emily: It's so hard to name one store which has everything. I always take a turn by Journey in Long Street and The Space is also a fave.

Liza: I never go wrong in Woolworths for basics, plus they have Country Road and Trenery! And I always stop by Mr Price for bargains.

What is on your fashion wish list?

Emily: A vintage Chanel chain bag. It's always been my dream to walk into some dusty. forgotten second-hand shop and find one for a hundred bucks or something. Dream on!

Liza: So many things. I dream of the vintage Chanel chain bag, and hope that I don't come across it when vintage trawling with Emily. It'll be a fight to the end all fights! A Mulberry Alexa bag, a Burberry trench, Marc Jacobs pumps with the round toe and low heel.

Who are your style icons?

Emily: Kate Moss and Sienna Miller I would say. A bit of a cliche I know, but I've never seen either of them in a look I wouldn't kill for.

Liza: Alexa Chung, Blake Lively and Alix from

All time Best Trend

Emily: Right now, I'd say the high-waisted flare. I'm obsessed with 70's style.

Liza: I'm loving the khaki trench. I have a gorgeous bell-sleeved trench, but I've got my eye on a long-sleeved one for winter.

All time Worst Trend

Emily: Through our friendship, Liza and I have embodied a few. Our bermuda shorts are probably one...

Liza: Definitely has to be those turquoise and purple baseball jackets we both wore when we were about 13. But worst fashion trend is harem pants.

What is your idea of a perfect outfit for a night out on the town?

Emily: Black skinnies and a distressed necked-tee with my leather jacket. The venue dictates the shoes, heels on special occasions, but it's Cape Town, so generally it's brogues or leather sandals.

Liza: I like a little black dress worn with heels or flats (depending on where we're going).

What are the 'must-have' items in your closet?
Emily: Brogues, I have three pairs at the moment, which go with everything, but I'm always on the lookout for more. My black skinnies, and (at the moment, because I'm 6-months pregnant), Liza's Topshop maternity leggings. I'd be lost without them...
Liza: For this coming winter, I'm hoping to invest in more beautiful high-waisted tailored trousers, chic button-up shirts and a cape.

Fabulous Fashion Advice
Emily: Money can't buy you style.
Liza: Ditto

*Special thanks to Emily and Liza for partaking in this interview. Visit their relaunched website,


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