This weekend was spent scurrying around Joburg, looking for new bedroom furniture. I thought it would be as easy as going into a design store, finding exactly what I liked, buying it and having it delivered within a week. Unfortunately, it's not that easy; there's much more to consider when buying furniture. 

Firstly, you have to decide what style of furniture would suit your current room decor. Contemporary, vintage, eclectic? Then the size and colour; mahogany, maple, cherry or oak. When you find something that fits all three categories, you have to look at the finer details with a critical eye. This was the first time I took an interest in anything decor-related. I had no idea how important the height of a pedestal and the design of a drawer handle actually were. 

Woodmead and Fourways are the go-to places for home decor in the city. After several stops, I ended up at the 'Most inspiring décor destination in Jozi', Design Quarter. It was nominated by CNN as the one of the 'must-see' places in South Africa during the World Cup. This exclusive shopping centre is an interior designer's dream, and for me, it took the tedium out of furniture shopping. The beautiful open-air piazza has a dozen decor stores, each trading in trendy and unique designs. In between store-browsing and decision-making, you can stop and chill out at one of the many divine restaurants or coffee shoppes in the plaza. I made the customary stop at Vida e Caffé

My favourite find at DQ was a white vintage-inspired chest of drawers with metallic ring handles and a high-gloss finish (pictured below). I also adore the intricately carved room divider behind it. @Home had some lovely lighting options and throw cushions in luxurious fabrics. Bedroom Basics is the best place for modern and minimalistic designs.

After hours of browsing and contemplation, I still haven't made a decision. There are so many different sets to chose from. I photo-documented my top picks of black and white furnishings. It's going to be quite a mission narrowing it down from the choices below.

If you're in need of design inspiration, new ideas, fab furnishings and frills, I recommend visiting the Design Quarter. While you're there, enjoy the relaxed environment, continental food and great restaurants. Did I mention there's also a Lindt Chocolate Studio? 


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