This weekend I attended a terribly organised high school get-together. I say 'terribly' organised, because there were no invitations sent out for the event or, if there were, most of us didn't get one. Unless that was the point...hmmm. I ended up going anyway, sans misplaced invite; where a meagre 25 out of our entire class of 150 students turned up.

I heard about the gathering from a few friends – some of which refused to attend, claiming that they “didn't want to see those people again”. I see that high school politics don't just stay in school. It can follow you through life long afterwards. Initially, I didn't plan on going, but at the last minute, curiosity got the better of me as I wondered what everyone from our class had gotten up to in the past few years. It took me ages to walk the short distance from my car to the Sporthius (sports centre). I must have stopped at least five times on the way, freezing in 5 degree weather; thinking, “Should I go? Should I turn back? I haven't seen any of these people in ages. How awkward is it going to be?"

By the time I made it there (after much debate), most of the folks were merrily punch drunk, so if any of them didn't recognize me, I'm assuming it's because they had blurry vision. I must also admit that I (in my completely sober state) could barely recognize anyone either. Who would have thought that people I'd known my whole schooling career could change so much in such a short time. The ones you'd least expect (and who used to slack off at school) have established high-powered, successful careers, and the ones I never thought would settle down are now married, with kids. Some are living their big city dreams, while others found contentment in the simplicity of small town life. No one was surprised to find out that I am still somehow 'involved' with fashion. 

It was marvelous catching up with good old friends, and even better to see that they have remained as warm and wonderful as I remembered. It was also unfortunate to see that the people who thought that they were better than everyone else back then, still do. Every high school cliché that you watch in the movies truly does exist; each person I met at the reunion is living proof of it. It's funny how certain titles stay with you for the rest of your life.

I'm actually glad that I went, it made me look back and appreciate how easy and uncomplicated things were. All we lived for were those 30 minute lunch breaks and school holidays; and the most stressful thing we ever had to encounter was the next maths exam.

All those awful Accounting lessons, Physics extra class and Shakespeare essays were almost worth it in the end. Almost. High school was just a drop in the ocean of life...we all have so many more seas to swim, paths to travel, storms to face and rays of sunshine to bask in.


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