Jessica Alba may be widely known for her remarkable fashion sense, but it's her ever-changing hairstyles that don't get enough credit. She is never afraid to experiment with different cuts and colours; and incredibly, everything that she tries, suits her. Her beautiful skin tone compliments any new hue, and her angular face shape allows her to carry off any style. Jessica's had just about every type of cut, tint and length, which makes her perfect for hairstyle inspiration.

After 2 years of growing my hair out, I've decided to take the plunge and cut it off. Sometimes a new hairstyle is the best makeover, it can make you feel and look like a whole new person. I've already made the appointment, I just need to muster up the courage to get myself in the chair. In my quest for a new summer hairstyle, I've gathered the best of Jessica's cuts and colours over the years to help me make a decision.

Short to Medium Length
1. An angled bob in dark brown with coppery highlights. It's cut slightly longer in the front and has a heavy, blunt fringe.
2. A classic straight bob in a shimmery cinnamon shade, cut just below the jawline. It looks easy to accomplish, but I'm sure there is a lot of ironing involved to get it looking this sleek.
3. Jessica went blonde with her much shorter, pin-straight bob. It's cut just above the jawline, with jagged edges. I am not brave enough to go this length.
4. Her blonde locks are styled into windswept waves, thanks to a round brush and good hairdryer. This style perfectly shows off her stunning bone structure.
5. A mid-length, tousled look in ombré chocolate-to-chestnut brown. Slight layering through the ends enhance her loose waves.
6. A shoulder-length hairstyle thats feathered in the front. She added a multitude of bronze and brown highlights.

Long Length
1. Jessica wears her sultry long brown tresses to the side. This is the length my hair is at the moment. So you can imagine how hard it would be to cut it off.
2. This was when Jessica went platinum blonde for her role in Fantastic 4. Her bouncy cut with asymmetrical fringe includes lots of layers, which probably means lots of work.
3. This is one of Jessica's most-loved and copied styles. Her glossy locks have been slightly layered from the mid-lengths to create soft waves with volume and movement. Honey highlights makes her hair look that more radiant.
4. Simple, smooth and straight. With a few layers around the jawline and caramel highlights. It would be the easiest to style and wear.
5. Jess tinted her hair a rich reddish auburn colour and added a fringe.
6. As gorgeous as this is, it seems the most difficult to style. Jessica opted for a golden brown mane with sunkissed highlights. The colour brightens up her face. Plenty of layers create defined curls that add texture and body. 

I've deliberated over these styles many times...and finally decided on the very first one. Without the blunt fringe. Choosing this bob would mean cutting 20cm/8 inches off my current length. It is a lot, but then that's the great thing about hair, no matter how many times you cut will always grow back. Which of Jessica's styles would you wear?


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