If you're going out on the town tonight to celebrate New Years Eve, and are still undecided on what to wear, here are some ideas that may help. I've selected a few party frocks to inspire you to ring in 2012 with savoir faire. We all have something in our closets that are either printed, colourful, simple or sparkly; this is a good opportunity to take it off the hanger and wear it with your best pair of heels.

There is a saying that goes "what you're doing at exactly midnight on New Years Eve is a reflection of how the rest of your year will go". If that's anything to go by, then what you're wearing on New Years Eve should also set the tone for the year ahead. So make it sassy, sweet and stylish and hopefully that will signify a fashionable year to follow!

What is your New Years style going to be like? 

Wishing you a terrific 2012! Going out or staying in, whatever your plans are, I hope that you have a great one! 


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