Jennifer Lopez, 14 years later was almost the same with wearing a costume.

The world famous singer Jennifer Lopez, 14 years later wore a costume which was almost identical. Jennifer Lopez recently gave a concert in the Bronx where he grew up with.

Of the world's most famous singer Jennifer Lopez, Bronx concert, wore at the Grammys in 2000 and talked about for months of green Versace gown wore an outfit almost identical. Lopez, now 14 years ago, yet new in the music world when announcing the new name, and when you're with rapper P. Diddy, Grammy Awards ceremony unforgettable emerald green Versace brand was wearing a dress.

Located daring cleavage, although quite sophisticated outfit, Mariyln Monroe's white dress designs like that of the 'most legendary outfits of all time' took place within. According to the Daily Mail, the British press in recent days because of the rumors about her boyfriend Casper Smart living in difficult times, Lopez wore in his hometown concert in the Bronx with his reminded me of those days.

Famous singer's toyboy lover Casper Smart on Instagram with the transsexual Sofia Visser Share allegedly obscene messages.


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