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Luli Fama 2014 Collection

Luli Fama Swimwear 2014 Collection:
Luli Fama swimwear 2014 Collection is designed and made ​​in Miami, Florida. The Lady of Lourdes, aka Luli "born in Cuba and raised in Miami, and brother in law Augusto born in Argentina of honeysuckle, designs the collection, which has as undeniable Latin flair. Using only the finest imported fabrics and hand crafted jewelry from the best artisans around the world, unique designs with a great fit have established Luli Fama in the markets as one of the most fashion forward designer collections offered here in two piece, one piece, monokinis and tankinis styles.

Luli Fama 2014 bikini collection was released exclusively for the summer months. During the summer months, which is indispensable for women bikini models are prepared in accordance with the pleasure of women.

In particular, this will show great body of women at the beach Bikini models will be inspired by the beauty. With sexy and modern collections have been formed.

Bikini private collections from each other, each of the women will be ideal for the summer bikini models. These bikini models prepared by the new trend of the season will be the most modern bikini.

Luli Fama bikini collections have been prepared according to the colors of summer with patterned appearance has been tailored according to the taste of women.

Luli Fama bikini women having a brand new bikini this season with models in front of you. Not only bikini models in summer dresses and pareo models has been remarkable.

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